Thursday, July 14, 2016

Cuti - cuti Malaysia (Perlis) 23 April 2016

Here is our another short trip, wohoo, super excited, as I did not go Perlis before (past by may b) hahaha (=_=")  But he will be  the my tour guide, guiding me around... sweet.... <3 <3 <3

This is consider as hot trip for us, it about 37 degree outside, any how we also have prepare some food, drink for our road trip. Our main purpose for this trip is to see the paddy field, but we came at the wrong time.  :(  After we back, here the rain come... luck also quite important sometime instead of just planning... (=_=")

We use quite small road to reach Perlis... not sure is the right 1, as long as can reach and we are using almost took us around 3 hours to reach Gua Kelam. We did not stop at any R&R, we conclude as is far than we heading to Ipoh.

Once we reach Gua Kelam, we only manage see some water at the river. It used to be plenty of water and able to see waterfall, but now does not have it, should cause by the weather which not raining for month. T~T

You need to pay for the entrance fee at adult (RM 1.00) ; Kid (RM0.50). This is not a peak season for outing, there is nothing special when you entering the cave, might find some natural creature like stone, crystal inside the cave. We kinda disappointed at first, but we found out there is a secret garden after you passing the cave (370 meters), there is some unique creature you can find here. It so nice, just like a beautiful garden and may rest yourself here.

Address : 02200 Kaki Bukit, Perlis, Malaysia
Business Hours : 
Entrance fee : Adult : RM 1.00 ; Kid : RM 0.50
GPS : Gua Kelam

After visit Gua Kelam, our stomach keep beeping for food lo... We had our lunch @ Khuan Bee kopitiam. Just about 500 meters from Gua Kelam. This kopitiam is famous of selfmade baozi and loh mai kai. Their big bao is freshly made daily and it will be finish by around 03:00 pm daily. Should try the fish bee hon soup, you can find the delicious in this bowl... yummy ^_^

Address : 60A, Pekan Baru, 02200 Kaki Bukit, Perlis Malaysia
Business Hours : Not sure
GPS : Khuan Bee kopitiam

Due to the hot weather we go to T Hotel Kuala Perlis to have a rest. Can get sun burn easily at here... OMG... (o.o)

Is dinner time, lalala.... carving for it so much.... yea... our dinner is seafood @ Hai Thien Restaurant. We order a lot seafood to fill up our tummy. There is famous fries you tiao with mayonnaise, butter prawn, fried squid, kam heong crab, siam steam seabass fish and satay. It is so delicious and you need to believe all the dish just finish by 2 of us. ;p

Remember to come early as will full during night time, is a great place for gathering. There is a couple of Malay and Indian family for dinner, the worker is quite nice and serve us very well. They also remind us, there is too much food, will do all small portion for you two. they are so sweet. Thumb up (^_^)

Address : Kuala Perlis, Perlis, Malaysia
Business Hours : Open daily : 05:30 pm to 11:45 pm
GPS : Hai Thien Restaurant

We finish our super delicious dinner and had a small lepak back to Hotel, wanted to see the Majlis Terapung, but there is no water at all, that Majlis no longer Terapung XD XD XD

There is famous of snake & reptile farm, we do not like it.... not on this trip ^^

This is our another sweet trip, hope that we can continuous to keep this move for improve ourselves into our love story, and a part of journey of exploring, facing obstacle fighting and challenge together and stronger for our future. <3 <3 <3

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