Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Alor Setar 兰花饭~幸福的味道

Lalala ~.~ we hunt for food again, their is a famous pandan rice (兰花饭) in Alor Setar, kinda far if come from Penang (need around 2 hours).

Is quite hard to find the location here, thank to those GPS... and a lot source from the internet, we had use almost 1 hours for our lunch... actually almost become tea time ... @@

While we reach here, is a lot of people and we need to queuing for the seat 1st, once got the seat, we need to wait another 30 minutes for the food to serve. As this is the family business, does not have any other labour to help them. Is good that the serve the drink to us, as weather is too hot.

You may find how delicious of the pandan rice set is... you can't image the taste... it is so awesome.
Is worth to wait for this delicious pandan rice with blissful taste. Our set is allow for 2 main dish, it is depends on which set you order. There are 4 main dishes, rendang chicken, prawn, garlic chicken (Homemade), pork. The standard set is come with some side dish like egg, salted egg, toufu, etc. There drink is quite special also, you may find the color in blue (picture below). It include of barley, leong fun and their famous pandan flower taste. It is so great. Thank you darling bring me here to enjoy the blissful taste, I love you.

Address : 幸福的味道 兰花饭专卖店 05300 Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia
Business Hours : Open daily 11:00 am - 03:00 pm (until sold out)

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