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Krabi with love

Ting ting ting...

It is our very 1st ever to decide go Krabi together, we just said about 1 month before and today (05 Dec 2015) is our journey begin. ^~^

Actually our trip quite rush all the way, this might our 1st time plan together and no experience go Krabi before. Even though is just a 4 days 3 nights trip, it is meaningful for us as this is our 1st trip together. <3 <3 <3

We depart from Penang (by bus) (RM 66.00 for 2 person)--> KL Sentral (KLIA Express) (RM 70.00 for 2 person) --> KLIA2 (Around RM 780 ++ due to last minutes booking) --> Krabi. You might be find out, this is such a long journey and time consuming. This is not the obstacle at all, as long as you both is together we would not complain about the trip, we are totally enjoy the journey, even we seem tired, once reach Krabi, all the tiredness is all gone.

After reach Krabi, we took bus to our Krabi Cha-da Hotel (It is about RM 600++ for 4 days 3 nights). Based on comment, a lot tourist complain that no wifi, bedroom not clean, need to wake uphill only manage to reach Hotel. We quite love this hotel and does not have the problem as other tourist complaining about. When we reach Hotel, while waiting for check-in, the staff provide welcome treat for us. OMG! We are feeling so warm at the 1st, and the staff help us take our luggage to our room, what a nice treat. We like the room so far, there is just a little tiny stuff about the room. The toilet door is made by glass (=o=") ,outside can see through inside when you are bathing...

This is our Krabi Cha-Da Hotel

See the word, look like “囍” on the wall. The meaning for Chinese is just married.

Our room...a bit messy...haha

Nice view and weather from balcony and the swimming pool just below our balcony. Love it <3

We had the Authentic Thai meal at Ao Nang Boat noodles for lunch after we move out from Hotel. It just took about less than 5 minutes walking distance from our Hotel to Ao Nang Boat noodles. The food was not bad, I just dun like my carrot juice (feeling taste is different). After we had recharge our energy, we walk along the Ao Nang Beach street to shop and look for day tour package for the next and following day.

Our 1st meal in Krabi @ Ao Nang Boat noodles with boat noodles, carrot shake, coconut shake, pineapple fried rice, tomyum soup & kelabu mango

Bought a lot food & drink along Ao Nang street @ 7-Eleven, Mc Donald, night market (Pad Thai)

This is just a part of our food hunt ;p ;p ;p

By walking along the Ao Nang Street, we found a lot nice food, we like the "Hoi Krok" so much, it is a kind of Thai-Style fried seafood :mussels, crab stick, squid ball with egg, so delicious and another is the Banana pancakes with nutella, so yummy :) :) :) We do find a Cafe 8.98 to enjoy ourselves during our 1st day as we are coffee lover. There is a great cafe for hangout, chilling down and variety of dessert you may found here. After that we bring back all the food back hotel for party... lolx. Here is our 1st day how it goes, we need rest well for tomorrow tour trip, can't wait for it anymore. (~.~)

Day 2 (Sunday)

Before heading to our day tour to Phi Phi island, we had our great breakfast at Krabi Cha-Da Hotel

We took the Phi Phi island day tour package by speed boat, it is cost around 1000-1200 bath per person. We feel kinda worth for that price after using the super bargain skill... (^_^)

We forgot the sequence of which beach we go 1st, as the weather and the sea level as well. But i still remember some of the name of the beach we went. However the schedule is fully arrange by the tour package, we does not worry much on that.

The tour package include of Maya Bay, Phi phi lagoon, Viking cake, Monkey Beach (snorkeling), Pi Leh Bay, and Bamboo Island, of cause will including the lunch buffet at Phi Phi Don Restaurant. Bamboo island cover with nice white sand, love here so much, we oni allow have 1 hour here, is actually need pay for the entrance fee around 400 bath per person. We play water here, love the weather here so much, nice weather, you will keep thinking to come back here for the white sand and sea here (quite salty). I had forgot some beach name based on photo, is quite hard to recognize... T~T While almost come to evening, everyone is fall asleep of tiredness (including us) after visit so many beach and have fun in the beach and sea.

Here come for our buffet lunch Phi Phi Don Restaurant, after buffet we had try out the home made coconut ice cream here. slurp ;p

This is viking cave, we just stop there and view from here as we can't go nearer as the sea level is not allow

Maya Bay / monkey beach /Pi Leh Bay?

Maya Bay / monkey beach / Pi Leh Bay?

Arrive the Phi Phi lagoon which village last time use to live here, this is for us have fun and play water

After the tour package, we finally find ourselves quite tired, we just hanging around Ao Nang beach for food and rest, we did notice that some of the stall does not open anymore, not sure they are following there schedule on weekday or weekend. SAD :( As we miss "Hoi Krok" so much. T~T

Day 3 (Monday)

We took the Krabi Rain forest discover half day trip to see the blue pool. There is called Khao Nor Chu Chi National Park to discover the natural creature. I guess it took about 1 to 1.5 hour by van from Ao Nang to our destination.

There is a little interesting, we might thinking of we are run out of time for the nice view of blue pool, we running uphill, even we are tired, but the feeling is great. By talking the day tour we only have about one hour here and gonna rush for the next destination. We enjoy a little moment by soak in the Emerald pool. Feeling wanted to go beach again. T~T

Blue Pool

Emerald pool

Time to say goodbye Blue Pool tata ~.~

Next is the Krabi Hot Spring, actually found nothing much special here. Just a normal hot spring, we just soak while and heading back to get some snack and ice cream at the food stall while waiting for other to come back.

After we have some refresh in our Hotel, we move our journey by took long-tail boat to Railay beach :) Is a bit sad, just reach about 5 minutes at Railay beach, the sky start raining. But it wont stop us to move from east to west as our purpose here is to view the Phra Nang cave to view some dick...haha...seem so pervert...lolx...but is a great adventure to explore as there is a story about the Princess Goddess, told by the local, For those girl who are seeking for boyfriend, marry or even pregnant to pray, once the wish is come true, need to return similar to dick mold as a thank you gift. We did took some photo for the dicks, as you might figure out, the story might be true as the girl really the thank you gift by return Phra Nang Cave again.

Nice view before heading to Railay Beach

East of Railay Beach with long tail boat before we head to Phra Nang cave

The scene we took on the west of Railay Beach ;)

Look this, nice scenery after we back from Railay Beach, is almost the sunset about 06:30 pm (Thailand time)

We had our simple dinner @ Green Curry House (Last time is called Swedish House Restaurant. The taste was quiet weird, we does not complain much about that much, not sure weather is because we are Penang Lang...haha...should be sipek gao hiam in the sense of taste ;p We order the green curry, cheesy pizza, tomyum and boat noodles and coffee...

Night view of Ao Nang Beach with beautiful tanglung.

Day 4 (Last day T~T)

Is our last day, we decided to walk along the Ao Nang beach for look and see, see anything we might miss out, before we leaving... T~T We walk till Nina coffee, and had a coffee break here and have fun and lepak around.

Let's had coffee before this journey end, however our journey will never ending. <3

We rush for tuk tuk to go Airport as we late from shopping...

Of course, we would not forgot to tabao the limited edition of Black Snoopy Burger for our lunch :)

After we reach KLIA2 airport, we run again for flight to Penang (Baggage too late come out), we afraid of miss out flight in around 9pm, else not sure how to back to our home.

Here is our journey torward Krabi trip :) Enjoy kaw kaw and have fun (^.^) Come to the end, I really enjoy and appreciate all the time together with you in this trip, let's move forward to see more for this in future.

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